October 26

Kyiv City


from Ukraine and all over the world


UISGCON is the oldest and well-known Ukrainian conference on Information Security, driven by community and organized under the aegis of the NGO "Ukrainian Information Security Group" (UISG).
This is the place where cybersecurity vendors meet potential partners, customers, and people who are interested to know about their products and services, where it is possible to discuss current trends of the IT industry with specialists and prepare for new challenges. Among visitors there are a lot of those who consider cyber security as important and interesting topic, people who have questions and ones who have answers, those who look for experience and those who want to share it.
Many CEO's, CSO's, CISO's, CFO's of product companies, credit and banking system, transport industry, power engineering, engineering, communications, software developers, consulting companies, integrators, government regulators, freelancers, students and professors of profile universities and faculties, bloggers, IB journalists, and many others who are interested in UISGCON every year.
For many years, UISGCON remains at the forefront of innovation in information security. And this year there will be no exception.
UISGCON14 will open its doors on October 26, 2018 in the city center of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, to all those who wish to attend our event. Speakers from Ukraine and other countries will make presentations in full 45-60 minutes format and lightening-talks 15-20 minutes format. And those who want to obtain practical knowledge or test their hands-on skills are welcome to attend CTF-challenge and workshops. Keep up with the news on social networks . We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyiv!


The UISG CTF is happening this year!
The main benefits of any conference are opportunities to meet like-minded people, share and develop ideas, raise visibility and get inspired. That is why we have chosen the target audience of our conference CTF to be students who just recently became interested in information security and want to challenge themselves, but participation will be open to everybody. At the end of the competition there will be two rankings: for current students with awards and prizes, and overall scoreboard.
A wide variety of skills in searching for vulnerabilities and crafting exploits will be needed in order to capture the flags. The CTF tasks will have easy-to-medium complexity, but will be based on realistic scenarios. Thus, the UISG CTF is a an excellent opportunity to show your skills to prospective employers, as at the end of the competition we will identify the top students - young and promising employees.
Here are five facts about the UISG CTF:

  • Realistic challenges of easy and medium difficulty levels
  • Individual participation open for everybody interested, but only students can qualify for prizes
  • Onsite only (there will be no preliminary qualification round, just register and come)
  • The competition will be available only to the UISGCON attendees
  • Jeopardy CTF format - the participants solve challenges, get and submit flags for points

Registration date will be announced soon! #FRD


If you would like to participate as a sponsor or supporter of UISGCON14, you can get acquainted with the sponsorship package, or get in tuch with our sponsor team by emailing us [email protected]




UISGCON14 will be held in the heart of the Ukrainian capital. The exact name and address will be reported a bit later.
UISGCON is conference driven by information security community for the information security community. Our goal is to provide comfortable and safe communication for all participants. If you decide to attend our conference, you are agree with our Code of Conduct, which is obligated to all participants.
Code of Conduct
If you have any other questions please email us at [email protected]